Voting is not a right

I’m sorry if this is disturbing to you, but voting is not a right.  We created government to protect our rights.  As you recall rights are a gift from God and God did not create elections.  There are laws that guarantee that you can not be prevented from voting based on sex or race or any of another litany of reasons but voting is in fact a franchise, not a right.

 As for the presidential elections, there is not requirement for allowing any citizens to vote in any manner.  The states select the president, not the citizens of the states.  It would be perfectly legal for the Georgia State Legislature to decide for whom the states’ electors would choose in the Electoral College process.  The state could even decide that only people shorter than five feet could vote, or that only people who weigh less than one-hundred and fifty pounds could vote.  Yes, there would be challenges, but today it is within the states authority to do so.

 My personal criteria for allowing people to vote would be the following:

    1. Have read the issues and be able to argue for both sides with reason.

    2. Be a net tax payer.

    3. To vote on issues of abortion you must be a woman.

    4. To vote on property tax issues you must own property.

    5. If your candidate wins, assume personal responsibility for everything that he does.

 What would you add to this list?
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