The Purpose Of Life

The purpose of life is different than the "meaning of life." Each one gives his own meaning to his life. What I am dealing with is the purpose of life. I am able to do this because I have the temerity to speak for God. I do not interpret Revelation, or explain the Gospels. I do not speak in tongues or seek a following in the name of God. I simply witness what I know to be God's purpose.

Life is not a gift; it is a pain. It is in fact a test. You will not be given enough time to finish it. You can not get all the answers right. You can not be excused to go to the bathroom. It starts the day that you are born and ends all too soon. You are given only one pencil with which to take this test. It is the same pencil given to each one a birth. It is the birthright of all and denied to most. The name of the pencil is Freewill. Some call her liberty, others call her freedom, but she is in fact Freewill. This is God's name for her and she is very seductive.

It gets worse. The test is all essay. Your entire life will be written with this pencil. It is so important that you be allowed to write anything that you want, that God will allow you to hurt, maim, and even kill others who are taking the test. It is more important to Him that you be allowed your freewill than it is to protect others will his power and might. He does this in hopes that you will choose to love and serve Him, but you are free to write anything that you choose.

Others, taking the test will protect themselves from you if you violate their rights to their life and freewill. They will collectively organize their individual rights to protect themselves or punish you if you violate their rights. But God will not intervene. More than anything else, he wants to see what you write with out being forced to do good or to do evil. Only if you have been left free to choose, can your life be graded. If you have been forced to do good then you have written nothing of your own. If you have been forced to do evil, then likewise, you have written nothing of your own. You have in fact been denied your opportunity to take the test. Woe to the man that does this to you.

There is good news. God grades on a curve. There is even better news. God knows that you are incapable of passing the test. He just wants you to try with all your body and soul. Spelling and punctuation count for nothing. Some will do better than others. Not all have the same opportunities. All do, however, have the same responsibilities. Take the test. Don't copy someone else's work, and most of all, never take anyone else's pencil..

You can not earn a place with God. Your place with him has been bought and paid for. Don't try and understand why, just accept it as love beyond understanding. Getting older, marrying, raising a family, these things will all help to focus attention off of yourself and on to others that you love. This is good practice for moving on to loving everyone.

What you write near the end of the test will count more than what you have written at the beginning. But most importantly, don't lose your pencil.

Pat Bratton