2nd place

"Phu Loi tower, Clown 3 for takeoff....."

Troop D (Air) 1st Sqn 4th U.S. Cavalry

Attached to the 1st Inf. Div.

"Prepared and Loyal,"

or as we used to say in the line troops,

"Gas and Oil"

If you were a member of this outfit in Viet Nam, or want information on someone who was, please contact:

Darkhorse Dave dhcntrl@jps.net aka Fezz da Prez, VHCMA 

He has a database and a news letter.

Check out the Darkhorse page at Darkhourse in Vietnam

2003 VHCMA Reunion in Atlanta!
These Pictures were Taken at the
June 2003 VHCMA Reunion in Atlanta

The following are photos from D Troop from the first half of 1968.