Airport Insecurity

Box cutters are not weapons. They are tools. The consequence of teaching that objects are evil and that all people are good is what has gotten us into a situation in which I will never fly again.

Anything can be used as a weapon, but the mind is the actual weapon. The mind creates weapons out of whatever is available. A pencil with the eraser in the palm of the hand and the point sticking out between the fingers can be shoved straight up under a persons jaw.  A closed padlock with a belt through it becomes a mace, multiple twisted fishing lines between two pens becomes a garret, and the heel of your boot will crush any skull.

When I was in school we were not allowed to take our knives out of our pockets. This taught us to be responsible. Today children are not allowed knives in school. This teaches them that they cannot be trusted and are irresponsible. When I was young I routinely flew with a pistol in my carryon bag. Watching old movies and TV shows you notice that this was not uncommon. The only time people were searched when traveling was in movies about the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. It repulsed the people of my generation to see this. The current flock accepts it with the same trust seen by the Jews when required to surrender their weapons to Hitler’s government preceding “the night of broken glass.”

The airlines are criminally responsible for the ability of the terrorists to attack on September 11th. When the hijackers took control of the plane the pilots were unarmed and the passengers had only pocketknives with which to defend themselves. The only good thing about airport security was that it was so poor that at least a few had some things that could be used for weapons. Now airport security has progressed to the point where no passenger can board with any tool that could save his life.  Additionally, when the next plane is hijacked, and it will be, not only will the passengers be required to overpower the armed predator, if they don’t, they will be shot out of the sky by our own air force.

Until I know that the pilot of my aircraft is carrying a 45 and that at least some passengers are armed, I will not be flying. Anyone who has to fly has my prayers.

Pat Bratton