Oshkosh 2008 - In Piper Warrior II N709DF

Jay Sampson and Pat Bratton's Great Adventure!

First Foot On the Ground
Jay Sampson, Calling home to declare our arrival at Oskosh
N709DF parked North of Runway 9-27 at Oshkosh
We are Here!
I guess that we have officially arrived!
Eaa Greetings
Jay paid our entrance dues and I got us the EAA discount.
Jay found the food
Jay found the food!. The Reuben was great!
WACO in bright Yellow.
endless airplanes
Now we have an Airforce. The South shall rise again.
Schrieners for Breakfast
Breakfast at Fondulac. Shrieners Restruant.  Everyone from the east coast  would show up before it was time to open.
I remember back in '44
Jay and Pat Bratton in front of a real live P-38. "There I was, on my back at 10,000 feet with two zeros on my tail!"
Picked up by a Duck!
"I do not trust my luck to be picked up by a Duck, After I've crashed into the sea! That is a line from a WWII song called," I wanted wings until I got the G*d damn things."
Big, Green, Flying Machine.
example of classic form
An example of a classic tail. The B17 had all flight surfaces controlled by cables and bell cranks, just like a Piper Warrior.
Liberty XL
Pat Bratton trying to figure out if he can fit in a Liberty XL2. "If I built the Europa, I could make it a little wider and it would be aerobatic."
Those boys can fly!
Last one home buys the beer!
Pirate Ship
"Up in the sky, a man and his plane, ..............."
This feels like home
I found the dust off ship. Where is the crew.
This one's only $259,000
This one's for sale. Let's see $259,000 divided by six people, and another six to pay for the fuel, might work.
Time to fly back to Lawrenceville, Georgia and form a new LLC to buy this thing!
I think that  720 cubic inches is reasonable for a Piper. I may have one put in my Warrior if I don't stop eating pizza.
flying home
We say goodbye to the gentle souls of the North country as we wing our way back to Atlanta with memories of airplanes and great food.